Personal Philosophy:

Give 110% in every I do, even my own craft. If I put in 8 hours for someone's art, I need to put the same effort on my own. 


unsafe MIND SEX

Role: Designer, Writer, Self-Published

From poetry to creative writing Unsafe Mind Sex is a book into the curiosities of how beautiful fucking words are and with it- the mind. If tongues are silver and hearts are gold, then the brain is bronze/brawns.

Collected writings from a notebook on deployment in the Marine Corps 2010 - 2011. 



Role: Creator, Designer, Illustrator

Created during 2016 - 2018, post 10-hour work shifts and 6 days a week. 

A reusable, customizable fitness journal​​

  • 100+ Exercises with hand-drawn, color-coded, visual instructions, textual implementation, and log table.

  • Reusable: Use with a specialized marker for whiteboard pages for unlimited reuse. Log. Track. Progress. Erase. Reuse. 

  • Customizable: Pull-out pages attached to rings for organizing personal plans. (Plans included)

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