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Role: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Logline: A young couple's emotions are played out by the next-door neighbors and movies they're watching. 


Artwork by Kayleb Lee



Audio Drama Recording: July 16 & 18, 2019
Principal Photography: July 23 & 24, 2019

Post Production: Present


At first, I was writing an experimental short but my neighbors- a couple- interrupted the train of thought and were having a verbal argument. I began conceptualizing "present 'the world' of relationships". Using my own relationships and also being someone from the outside looking in... a short script transpired. I wanted to encapsulate it creatively and in one location. 

Script: Le Coup Revision Blue

© Kayleb Lee


Utilized Google Drive to manage pre-production. 

Started pre-production mid-May of 2019. Wrote three revisions of the script and began shot-listing and storyboarding. Casted talent and hired crew. Began paperwork, memos, releases, insurance, location scouting, and production calendar. 


Script breakdown, location, ground and set plans with the Production Designer. Equipment list and lighting plan with the Director of Photography, and location scouting. 


Scheduled sound stage for recording as it is required to build 2 Audio Drama(s) specifically for this script. One for the neighbors and the others for the TV scenes.

© Kayleb Lee

Artwork by Kayleb Lee


Call-sheets built with Studio Binder. 

Principal Photography. July 23 & 24, 2019. 

© Kayleb Lee

©2019 by Kayleb Lee.